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The Benefits Of A New Roof

If you have a roof that isn’t completely safe or secure, it can cause a lot of worry, particularly when there is bad weather. After a bad rainfall, your home could develop damp and mould, which visually is bad but it could also affect your health. Structurally your home needs to be strong, so having an issue with your roof means the rest of your property could be at risk. Therefore a brand new roof will be a solution for all these problems. Visually a new roof is great for potential buyers if you’re thinking of selling up, particularly as it’ll raise the value of your home at the same time. If they see your house has a new roof, they’ll know it’s looked after and it’s one less thing for them to worry about. It will also make your home look more modern and fresh.


If you’re concerned about energy bills then a new roof can actually improve this on the long run. Insulation will improve, roofing parts will be updated and there’s the option to get solar panels installed. So your bills should drop but it will also be more environmentally friendly due to the drop in excess energy.


By getting a professional roofer, you will get peace of mind that your family will be safe and warm in your home. If you are having problems with your roof or require a new Roof in Tunbridge Wells, call Mastercraft today.


Looking After Your Roofline

When we think about our roofs, we don’t always think about the parts that help to support it, such as the roofline. We may miss any problems it has developed over time. We may expect it to be clean and instead it has moss, peeling paint and cracking. The natural light can unfortunately show up the issues caused by the winter months, such as cosmetic problems and damage. It may be time for an upgrade if this is the case, especially if your roofline is an old style one. You could try uPVC to help keep it together and more defensive against the weather. You should also check the pipes too, as they can get worn out.


Luckily you’ll find with a uPVC roofline, there won’t be as much maintenance needed. You should still get them looked at from time to time, to ensure they are not blocked with debris and moss. Your roofline can be washed with a gentle detergent mix, which can help it to keep a fresh appearance. This is particularly advantageous if you want to sell your home. By keeping your roofline cleaned, it will keep it looking aesthetically pleasing and healthy but it can also help it to stay durable and less chance of needing to be repaired. Call Mastercraft for all Roofing in Tunbridge Wells, and by using a professional to do this, they can also keep an eye out for any potential issues.


Does Your Chimney Need Repairing?

There are a few things to look out for when you aren’t sure if your chimney needs work. Cracks and deterioration are the more obvious signs of damage on the stack of the chimney. Bad weather can cause wear and tear and masonry to weather and crumble. If you see this happening and any cracks appearing, then you need to get a professional straight away. Cracks can have frozen water within them in the colder months, which can cause it to expand, causing more issues.


There may be interior issues that you need to keep an eye out for. For instance, leaks can appear in the form of staining on the walls and ceiling under the chimney. A leak can happen when there are bad quality flashings and damaged gutters. This can create moisture in the room which can lead to fungus and mould growing in the timber of the roof. Often this can be helped by fitting excellent quality lead flashing.


You may find if there is a problem with the chimney pot, mess and rainwater can drip down the chimney flue. If there any cracks, damp can come through causing flue issues. This can be shown from any rust that may appear. A new flue liner could help to defend against this, as well as help insulation.


You may notice your chimney is leaning slightly, which may not necessarily be a worry for old chimneys, but it could indicate issues with the mortar joints. If this is the case then you need a professional to check and confirm whether or not it needs stabilising, or taking down and being rebuilt, as it may be unsafe to keep up. For a free site visit and to check your chimney call the Roofers in Tunbridge, Mastercraft roofing.


Why Should You Get a Velux Window?

Velux windows have several benefits. One particular benefit of a Velux window being fitted is how the air circulation will improve. ‘VE’ in Velux stands for ‘ventilation’, as the atmosphere inside your home will boost considerably with the fresh, crisp air. Improving the air circulation will help to lower the possibility of condensation, which is one reason for damp.


‘LUX’ means ‘light’ in Latin. Velux windows have frames which are created to be narrow, which allows as much natural light as possible to come through. Natural light is generally preferred to artificial light, as it can help boost moods and improve health physically and mentally.


Aesthetically Velux windows are stylish, with several design ideas available to complement the existing home features. The natural light flooding in will make the area feel bigger and more spacious.


Due to the extra light coming in, you won’t need to switch the lights on as often. This means a reduction on electric costs, making it financially efficient. Velux windows also have great insulation abilities in the colder months, helping to keep your heating costs down and your family and home warm. Mastercraft are Roofers in Tonbridge, so call for any Velux window requirements you may have.


Do Your Gutters Need Replacing?

Gutters are essential on buildings, as they redirect water from rain so it flows carefully down and away from the house through a drainpipe, therefore reducing the risk of damp and leaks, and the symptoms that may appear from them such as mould and erosions.


Water needs to be able to flow smoothly and any hazards such as cracks and holes can cause it to leak out on to the walls instead. If this happens the gutters needs replacing pretty swiftly, particularly if there are stains, mould, or any evidence of erosion. Mould on a lower floor can also indicate problems with the gutter.


Gutters are meant to be fitted close to the building, so if you notice any bending or bowing pieces that look under strain, then replacement may have to be an option.


A regular clean and inspection of the gutter can help to prevent any blockages that may occur. It’s best to get a professional when this happens as they will be thorough and ensure the gutters are strong and are as beneficial as can be. If you are looking for a roofer in Tunbridge Wells to repair your gutters and downpipes, why not call Mastercraft.

Storm Ciara strikes UK

Britain faced chaos yesterday after the Storm Ciara caused devastating floods and 97mph gales blew throughout the Country yesterday. The Met Office weather forecasters have warned that severe winds may well cause more damage to buildings and trees over the coming days. A Roof was literally ripped off a commercial building in Paddington, West London yesterday, and it is believed no-one was injured.


Make sure you use a Leadwork specialist

Lead has been used as a roofing material for over 200 years and is still in use today. Repairing and restoring lead work requires a lead work specialist who can accurately identify the problem and use their expertise to repair or if necessary renew the faulty area.


Lead flashing around chimneys and guttering or at junctions between roofs are problematic and should be tackled by a qualified craftsman. Particularly in cases where it is necessary to use heat to repair the area. Arranging an inspection report for your roof if you are concerned about its condition is an excellent first step. Engaging a company that can then carry out any roof repairs will save time and the need to duplicate work.


Roof Repairs in Tunbridge Wells

Small leaks can cause big problems, dealing with them right away can prevent mould, rotting, destroyed insulation and damaged ceilings. If you have water stains that extend across ceilings or run-down walls, the cause is probably a leaky roof and should definitely be taken care of sooner rather than later.


Penetrations in the roof are the most common source of leaks, interrupted shingles, plumbing and roof vents are some of the causes of water damage. Look for black marks, mould and water-stains to find the source. If you are struggling to find the problem area, try wetting the roof from the outside with a garden hose and have someone wait inside for water to come through. Ensuring things like roof vents are properly secured to the roof with no damage to the rubber casing or missing screws can be a simple solution to preventing leaks.


When you have located the problem area, contact Mastercraft, the professionals in roof repairs in Tunbridge Wells to get your roof fixed properly once and for all.